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Remote PC Assistance

Kirsty Jucker - Chief Operating Officer


The Chapman Consulting Group is a global search firm headquartered in Singapore, with a team of more than 60 spread across major world locations in Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe/Middle East Africa.

Our ICT requirements are quite unique. Since February 2015, we have outsourced our ICT needs to Genashtim. Since then, apart from troubleshooting and general support, Genashtim has helped us migrate to the Microsoft Office 365 platform, and update and migrate our rather extensive database to a new platform. In addition, they are managing our cloud-based collaborative platform.

We have found the Genashtim service reliable, prompt, friendly, and professional. Their service is available 24/7, which is important for us as our team operates across multiple time zones.
From our experience so far, we expect to have a long term relationship with Genashtim.

Burger Marx - English Coach, Thailand

"Whenever I have encounterd any pc difficulties abled online has been my first recourse. They are always willing to assist and resolve my techinical problems quickly and efficiently."

Ingemar Anderson, Hong Kong

“I run a small business from my home in Hong Kong. My IT systems are basic but I am totally dependent on them. Abled Online has been perfect for me. They are instantly available through Skype and have always found solutions to my problems and requests.

Laurence Mark J. Mansayon

"Very friendly, professional, and quick to assist with technical problems."

Melodie Ong

"Abled online has it's own way of sending assistance in the most convenient way. impossible cases may seem to be possible with just a message or a call away/ thus, it is highly regarded!"

H Tan, Melbourne, Australia

As a home-based businessman it has always been a challenge to have our 5-PC network working effectively. Now that we have the services of Abled Online, help is just a click away. By using various software technology, the problem can be diagnosed efficiently and quickly fixed.